Facial Tonic - REFINE

2-in-1 formula: cleanses, tones and restores the PH of the skin, protecting the skin barrier


REFINE is a 2-in-1 Facial Tonic and the ideal companion for your daily skin care routine: it cleanses and tones your face granting a more uniform complexion. Its micellar technology removes dirt, sebum and the last residues of makeup without drying out the skin. Its natural formulation with Aloe vera, Lemon Peel essential oil, Red Clover flower extract and natural surfactants helps to close pores, prepares your face for further pampering and leaves the skin clean, toned, hydrated and glowing. Its mild surfactants protect the skin's natural barrier and help restore the pH of the skin after cleansing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the tissues and leaving the skin noticeably smoother.

Thanks to all its characteristics, it is a product suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is recommended using it in the morning and at night, after washing your face.


Moisturizes and purifies
Effectively closes skin pores
Protects the face's natural skin barrier
Rejuvenating effect
Easily absorbed
Suitable for all skin types
No need to rinse with water
Dermatologically tested

NOTE: Always apply it after cleansing and before any facial treatment, such as the Facial Cream - HYDRA
Step 1: Put a few drops of facial toner on a cotton pad or your hand.
Step 2: Once your skin is dry, apply gently onto face, neck and décolleté.
Step 3: Wait for it to dry. Apply the Facial Cream.

Aloe Vera Juice (ORGANIC): it has calming and regenerating properties for cells. Thanks to its characteristics, it guarantees an efficient and deep hydration of the skin.

Red Clover Flower Extract (ORGANIC): this ingredient is rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium. In addition, it is one of the most important plant sources of phytoestrogens (isoflavones) which, together with other antioxidants in the formula, helps fight the oxidative process and cell death, resulting in rejuvenated skin.

Lemon Peel essential oil: it has numerous benefits for the skin as it has active ingredients that purify, tone, refresh, hydrate and deep-cleanse it. At the same time, it is an excellent cell regenerator that boosts healing and acts as astringent by regulating sebum secretion.

Natural Surfactants: also known as surfactants, they are agents that deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it free of sebum, sweat and dead cells.

Mountain spring water: adds a natural freshness to our products and helps keep skin healthy, smooth and hydrated.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Es mi imprescindible por la mañana y por la noche, aplico directamente en la mano una gota y reparto en mi cara, cunde muchíssimo y siento como mi piel respira fresca e hidratada, muy recomendable!

Cecilia O.
Me gusta

Quita bien el maquillaje y su olor a fresco, como a Limón me gusta. Lo único que se me queda la cara algo tirante, seca, pero al ponerme mis productos después, mis cremas y demás me queda la cara bien . Lo recomiendo

Fresco y calmante

Tónico con sensación de frescor y para mi tipo de piel es bastante calmante

Yolanda P.G.
Tonico Pure

Me encanta, es refrescante y no deja grasa


Tónico Facial - PURE

Ainhoa Á.C.

Al aplicarlo notas frescor y a la vez suavidad. Además con poca cantidad cunde muchisimo!!

Maria P.
Un producto increíble

Llevo utilizando este producto en combinación con la crema HYDRA y estoy encantadisima! Tiene un olor suave y agradable y deja la piel limpia y calmada. Gracias a estos dos productos mi piel está mejor que nunca y no veo la hora de probar el resto de los productos de PLANTHIA.

Julia S.
El mejor tonico que he probado!

Este es, sin duda, el
mejor tónico que hay en el mercado. Tengo la piel super sensible y este tónico me deja la piel limpia, suave y con muy buena sensación. Quita hasta el maquillaje “water proof”, sin agredir la piel. La
sensación que deja es perfecto, piel fresca, limpia e hidratada. Lo volveré a comprar y lo recomiendo 100 %

Kathryn R.
Pure & Simple

Over the last year my skin became prone to drying out and blotchiness, I changed my skin care routine countless times in an attempt to find the right combination of products for me often mixing and matching brands but never really being satisfied with the results. I tried this tonic from Planthia for the first time 2 weeks ago (a.m & p.m) and I saw an almost immediate improvement in overall hydration, overall better complexion and love that the tonic really leaves the skin feeling fresh and cleansed. I use it in combination with some other Planthia products (Hydra facial cream & Re-fit eye contour cream) and couldn´t be happier!

mi piel como nueva!

No era muy fan del tonico pero tengo que decir que Pure no tiene nada que ver con los que había probado hasta ahora y los resultados me han sorprendido mucho! Se ha convertido en uno de mis productos favoritos!

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