Eye Serum - RADIANT

Suaviza las ojeras y bolsas. Hidrata el contorno de ojos en profundidad. Con Ácido Hialurónico, Aloe Vera y Cardamomo


RADIANT is the serum that we have specifically designed for one of the most sensitive areas of the skin, the eye contour.
Its unique formula with Aloe Vera, red algae and flower of the snow extract, softens and blurs puffiness, signs of fatigue and dark circles. of the eye contour area. 
Have a instant rejuvenating effect thanks to hyaluronic acid, help to prevent wrinkles and to keep your look full of light
Besides, cares for and tones with intensity this sensitive area, thanks to barley and nettle extracts. 
A skin relaxed, fresh and smooth, from the first application. Effect good face that lasts all day.

Intensely hydrates
Prevents the appearance of bags
Prevents the appearance of wrinkles
Reduce dark circles
regenerates the skin
Ideal for the day and night routine
Dermatologically tested
Suitable for all skin types, especially the most sensitive
Step 1. Clean the facial skin thoroughly and dry it
Step 2. Apply the serum to the eye contour area, tapping very soft with the tips of the fingers
Step 3. Gently massage until fully absorbed
You can include it in your morning or night routine, without problem. Use it whenever you feel like it.

Aloe Vera Juice (ORGANIC): Regenerates, cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin. Calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a natural antiseptic. Promotes healing. It cleanses the skin in depth, thanks to the saponins, favoring the unclogging of pores and the elimination of toxins.
Filtered Leuconostoc Ferment and Radish Root: Antibacterial and antifungal properties, which regulate bacterial growth and increase skin hydration.
Salary Paradise (Chondrus Crispus): It contains abundant mucilage and mineral salts such as iodine, calcium, phosphorus and proteins. Known as the "vegetable silicone" because it creates a protective, non-occlusive film on the skin that protects it. It moisturizes in depth, is remineralizing and antioxidant. Softens and calms the skin.
Barley extract (ORGANIC): Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. Reduces inflammation and creates a barrier that protects the skin from external agents. Emollient. Maintains skin elasticity and prevents premature aging. It has healing properties. Helps remove toxins from the skin.
Snow flower extract (ORGANIC):. Protects the skin against external agents. It has great antioxidant power, free radical scavenger. Protects from solar radiation, stimulates cell regeneration, attenuates the signs of aging and provides hydration and elasticity to the skin. With anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, ideal for skin irritations.
*The flower of the snows is capable of surviving adverse climatic conditions in the high mountains.
Cardamom Extract: Incredible aromatic properties. It is antiseptic and astringent, it helps to balance the bacterial flora of the skin, promoting healthy skin. Firms and tones the skin.
Nettle Root Extract: It is astringent, helps close the pores of the skin. It keeps the skin in perfect condition, firms and tones. Has calming properties

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Serum contorno ojos

Llevo usándolo varias semanas y me gusta me deja el contorno del ojo hidratado

Ainhoa Á.C.

Me ha encantado el serum de ojos, es muy hidratante, aunque llevo poco usándolo estoy muy contenta con los resultados, además es genialpoder tener un producto tipo serum especifico para esa zona tan delicada! Seguiré comprandolo👏💖

Rebecca L.

Serum Contorno de Ojos - RADIANT

Muy recomedable

Textura muy suave, necesitas muy poca cantidad, se absorve bien y deja la piel un pelín más tersa. Acierto total.

Raquel A.R.

Lo uso junto a la crema de contorno de ojos y es genial

Antonia R.H.

Es maravilloso!! Textura suave y ligera… me encantó, 100% recomendado

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