Body Butter - SILK

Hydrates and tones the skin. Promotes cell regeneration. With Hyaluronic Acid


SILK revolutionizes body care: it absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. You will have a silky feeling and a porcelain complexion. Shea butter and Aloe Vera Extract deeply nourish, purify, tone and hydrate. Its rich and creamy formula enhances the skin's natural balance and helps maintain its elasticity. Its smooth texture pampers the senses with a delicious fresh aroma and takes care of the skin by boosting cell regeneration thanks to Grape Seed and organic Soybean OilsCucumber juice adds a touch of freshness and will be your first ally in fighting cellulitis as well as dryness.


Intensely hydrates and nourishes
Increases skin resilience
Maintains the skin's natural balance 
Effective against cellulite  
Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Promotes cell regeneration
Dermatologically tested

Apply SILK after showering, bathing or when your skin needs it. Put a small nut of the product on your hands and massage your skin gently until completely absorbed.

Sunflower Oil (ORGANIC): rich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins (A, K, E), it softens the skin and acts as an emollient that traps moisture and keeps the skin well hydrated. It has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties helping to reduce signs of stress or skin irritation.

Soybean Oil (ORGANIC): it has moisturizing, antioxidant and soothing properties. Creates a natural transepidermal barrier that prevents dehydration of the skin, neutralizes free radicals and exfoliates dead cells, giving the skin an even and supple tone.

Grape seed oil: thanks to its anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating and antioxidant properties, it regenerates, hydrates and softens the skin. It has high levels of polyphenols and tocopherols that have an exceptionally strong antioxidant and protective effects on the cell membrane.

Aloe Vera Extract (ORGANIC): has calming and regenerating properties for cells. Thanks to its characteristics, it guarantees an efficient and deep hydration of the skin.

Shea Butter (ORGANIC): rich in vitamins (A, E, F9), minerals, oleic, palmitic, linoleic and stearic acids, it is an effective ingredient in Cell regeneration. It helps to hydrate, calm and balance the skin by providing the necessary nutrients for the production of collagen and fighting against wrinkles, blemishes and blemishes.

Natural hyaluronic acid (plant origin): its ability to attract and retain water helps the skin to stay hydrated and reduces wrinkles, giving the skin a younger, firmer, smoother and more elastic appearance.

Lemon Peel essential oil: It has numerous benefits for the skin as it has active ingredients that purify, tone, refresh, hydrate and deep-cleanse it. In addition, it stimulates the skin's blood circulation, which helps fight cellulite, andacts as an astringent by regulating sebum secretion.

Cucumber Juice: vitamins A, C and E present in cucumber and its high concentration of water help to hydrate the skin, free it of toxins and fight cell aging, making it an ideal antioxidant. It is a natural anti-cellulite since it is rich in phytochemicals, such as flavonoids and beta-carotenes, which help prevent wrinkles and cellulite.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Gisella O.

Ottimo prodotto!

Ana B.

Manteca Corporal - SILK


Me encanta el suave olor que tiene, todo y ser de densidad considerable, absorbe muy bien y no deja sedación grasa. La piel queda realmente hidratada. Muy contenta con el producto. Aprovecho para recalcar el buen servicio y el envío, me llegó en menos de 24h!


A priori parece una manteca muy grasa, ¡pero se absorbe en segundos y no deja la piel aceitosa para nada! Y es sorprendentemente ligera.
Creo que no voy a comprar más productos que no sean de esta marca.

Charo C.
Me gusta mucho

Me gusta mucho

Melanie R.

Es la segunda vez que compro ya esta crema. Quería tomarme mi tiempo antes de dar mi opinión. La compro otra vez por varias razones: me he hecho adicta a su olor, buscaba una crema que la pudiera aplicar también a mi hija de 5 años y que no contuviera petróleo ni disruptores hormonales, hidrata muy bien la piel, se absorbe rápido y te deja la piel suave. Para mí vale la pena sin duda y seguiré repitiendo.

Teresa G.
Piel seca

Tengo la piel muuuuy seca. Cuando me pongo Silk tengo que añadir aceite bio oil. Me gustaría que Silk llevara más karité (por ejemplo) para que untara bien mi piel

Se absorbe en segundos

Me ha encantado desde el primer día, la textura es muy agradable, cremosa, se extiende muy fácil y se absorbe en segundos, ponerla es como mimarse, de verdad!

Isabel F.

Manteca Corporal - SILK

Marga R.o.

Muy agradable, cumple mucho, con poquita cantidad tienes. Me ha encantado

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