Relaxing Gel - RELIEVE

Refresca y alivia los músculos y articulaciones cansadas. Fórmula ligera y fresca


RELIEVE is the relaxing gel responsible for refreshing and relieving your tired muscles and joints after an intense day or physical activity. 
Act like anti-inflammatory and stimulating which makes you notice a sensation of immediate freshness and relief, which your body will appreciate. 
In addition, thanks to its unique composition with organic glycerin, arnica extract and organic red algae, protects the skin against dryness, comforts it and makes it very soft
This relaxing gel is light formula and absorbs very quickly, so you don't have to worry about the time. 
What we like most are its essential oils of lavender and apple juice that, combined, provide you with that much-needed “relaxing effect” after a long day.

Stimulates blood circulation
Relaxing, stimulating and anti-inflammatory
Antiseptic and disinfectant properties
refreshing effect
Dermatologically tested
Suitable for all skin types
Step 1: Apply a small amount on the legs and feet
Step 2: Gently massage until fully absorbed*
*Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs

Apple juice (ORGANIC): High content of malic and tartaric acid, helps remove dead cells from the skin's surface. Antioxidant action thanks to flavonoids and vitamin C. Improves circulation, nourishes and detoxifies the skin. Regulates the pH.

Red Algae Extract (Chondrus crispus): Nourishes, protects, remineralizes and hydrates. Rich in different nutrients, beta carotene and powerful antioxidants such as zeaxanthin and luteolin. Protects the skin from external agents, the sun and pollution. It forms a flexible film on the skin, protecting it from dehydration and external agents.

Arnica extract: Softens, hydrates and comforts the skin. Anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, relieves pain and irritation. Helps regenerate the skin and eliminate stretch marks. Activates blood circulation.

Lavender essential oil (ORGANIC): Relief in contractures and relaxation of the muscles. Aromatic and soothing properties. antiseptic properties. Antioxidant activity, rosmarinic acid. Helps restore balance in oily skin.

Glycerin (ORGANIC): Prevents dryness and peeling. Great moisturizing capacity, and has the ability to penetrate the skin and retain water, maintaining the proper hydration level. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it helps to eliminate acne. Helps soothe and soften the skin, relieving skin irritations such as dermatitis or eczema.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lorena D.

Gel Relajante - RELIEVE

Un super relax

Recomiendo para las piernas cansadas, relaja mucho, el ligero frío que sientes al ponerlo es super agradable, no es nada pegajoso como otros geles de este tipo que he probado, me quedo con Relieve!

Lola Z.L.
Gran alivio al final del día

El gel es muy agradable y funciona realmente bien: mis piernas y mis pies se notan relajados al poco rato de su aplicación y con un estupendo aroma.

Raquel A.R.


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