Eye Cream - RE-FIT

Revolutionizes eye contour care. Hydrates and smoothes. With Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid


RE-FIT has been developed to take care of one of the most sensitive areas of the body: the eye contour.

Thanks to its active ingredients, your eye area will feel as smooth and deeply nourished as ever, as RE-FIT leaves your skin healthy and hydrated. Organic Sea Buckthorn extract, Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 come together in a unique blend that fights dark under eyes, signs of fatigue, wrinkles, crow's feet, puffy eyes and signs of aging while creating a slight effect lifting since the very first application.

It is intended to be used daily and, in order to obtain the best results, its use is recommended in the morning and at night. 

Thanks to your intensely nourishing formula, designed for all skin types, even the more sensitive, RE-FIT is the best eye cream! 


Deeply hydrates the skin
Protects from external agents
Nourishes and softens the eye contour
Suitable for all skin types
Just a few drops needed to see its effects
Long-lasting results
Designed for the most sensitive skin
Dermatologically tested

Step 1: Put a small amount of cream on the ring finger.
Step 2: Mark three spots around the eyes with the cream.
Step 3: Gently tap the lower eye area until the cream is absorbed.   

Aloe Vera Extract (ORGANIC): it has calming and regenerating properties for cells. Thanks to its characteristics, it guarantees an efficient and deep hydration of the skin.

Grape seed oil: thanks to its anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating and antioxidant properties, it regenerates, hydrates and softens the skin. It has high levels of polyphenols and tocopherols that have an exceptionally strong antioxidant and protective effects on the cell membrane.

Natural hyaluronic acid (plant-derived): its ability to bind to and retain water helps the skin to keep hydrated; it also reduces wrinkles, giving the skin a younger, firmer, smoother and more elastic appearance.

Shea Butter (ORGANIC): rich in vitamins (A, E, F9), minerals, oleic, palmitic, linoleic and stearic acids, it is an effective ingredient in Cell regeneration. It helps to hydrate, calm and balance the skin by providing the necessary nutrients for the production of collagen and fighting against wrinkles, blemishes and imperfections.

Coenzyme Q10: it is a natural antioxidant molecule that protects skin cells from external aggressions (solar radiation, pollution) and at the same time promotes cell regeneration by reducing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity.  

Sea Buckthorn Pulp Extract (ORGANIC): thanks to its high concentration of carotenoids, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that protect the skin from damage caused by environmental factors (pollution, solar radiation, weather, stress). The vitamins (A, C, E, K) and minerals present in this ingredient nourish and help regenerate the skin, improving its overall appearance and health.

Soybean Oil (ORGANIC): it has moisturizing, antioxidant and soothing properties. It creates a natural transepidermal barrier that prevents dehydration of the skin, neutralizes free radicals and exfoliates dead cells, giving the skin an even and supple tone.

Vitamin E: Its incredible antioxidant power, together with its high compatibility with the dermis, allows skin cells to keep hydrated and healthy, counteracting the negative effects of solar radiation and pollution. It also protects body tissue from free radical damage and helps reduce redness on the skin.

Vitamin C: It acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, neutralizing free radicals and slowing down aging. It favors the production of collagen, providing elasticity and firmness to the skin, making it more glowing and shinier, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

Sunflower Oil (ORGANIC): rich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins (A, K, E), it softens the skin and acts as an emollient that locks moisture in and keeps the skin well hydrated. It has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce signs of stress or skin irritation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Deja la zona ojos como nueva

Es una crema fantástica. Cunde muchísimo y deja la piel nueva con un poco de efecto lifting sorprendente. Huele super bien y la sensación de hidratación es muy buena. ¡Muy recomendable!

Yolanda c.

Se estiende mucho, con un poquito se hidrata mucha superficie del ojo. Llevo poco tiempo poniendomela como para ver resultados pero de momento me gusta mucho.

Uno de mis favoritos

Con una gota pequeñísima hay más que suficiente. Se nota en seguida como tersa e hidrata la piel, ¡estoy encantada!
Nunca he probado un producto igual.

Teresa G.
Sencillez y armonía

Me encanta el frescor que siento en mis párpados. Con muy poco, tengo mucho!

Lola Z.L.

La crema de contorno de ojos es genial, estoy muy contenta con ella.

Susana G.


Julia S.
Me ha dejado soprendida!!

Este producto es una pasada! Cuando tienes cierta edad ya dejas de creer en los milagros, pero este producto me ha soprendido muchísimo. Tras aplicarlo dia y noche durante una semana, los resultados han sido espectaculares, muchas lineas de expresión ya no estan. Deja la piel súper hidratada y muy poco prodcuto cunde muchísimo! Lo recomiendo!!!

Kathryn R.
Love it

My eyes are quite sensitive which sometimes means they can be a bit puffy and the skin in that area can generally feel tired and dull. A little bit of this cream around the contour wakes up the skin, refreshes, revitalises and rejuvenates it. I feel like it soothes the puffiness, and like all the Planthia products I´ve tried it feels fresh and light on my skin... and as an added bonus it smells great!

Yolanda B.

Solo llevo dos semanas usándolo,de momento no puedo decir nada

Yésica H.D.

Crema contorno Ojos - RE-FIT

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