Sunflower oilrich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins (A, K, E), it softens the skin and acts as an emollient that traps moisture and keeps the skin well hydrated. It has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties helping to reduce signs of stress or skin irritation.

Coenzyme Q10: it is an antioxidant molecule that protects skin cells from harsh external agents (solar radiation, pollution) and at the same time helps cell regeneration by reducing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity.  

Vitamin E: its incredible antioxidant power, together with its high compatibility with the dermis, allows to keep skin cells hydrated and healthy, counteracting the negative effects of solar radiation and pollution. It also protects body tissue from free radical damage and helps reduce redness on the skin.

Olive Oil (ORGANIC): it is the vegetable oil that contains the most vitamins (A, D, K and E) that, combined with oleic acids and polyphenols, make this ingredient a powerful antioxidant and cell regenerator that nourishes the skin and acts against free radicals and aging, resulting in healthy and glowing skin.

Macadamia Oil (ORGANIC): the vitamins (B, B6, B12, E), trace elements (Zinc, Potassium, Sodium) and antioxidants present in this oil make it the ideal ingredient to nourish, regenerate, hydrate and soothe the skin, thus fighting aging and wrinkles and leaving the skin elastic and silky.