At Planthia we believe that companies and consumers alike must have well-defined values that allow us to fight for change and work together for a more just, inclusive, sustainable and healthy future.

We cannot remedy the past, but we can change the present and future.



Our mission is to offer you effective, healthy and sustainable cosmetics. We are concerned about yours and the environment's health as well as animal welfare. We constantly work so that our values are also reflected in our products.


It is the foundation of our company and goes beyond cosmetics. For us, the well-being of our customers and the planet comes first, for this reason we create natural products, 100% recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients.

What's more, you'll only have to apply a small amount of our products to achieve spectacular results since plants have a great active power and when penetrating the skin they provide long-lasting results that are difficult to obtain with other cosmetics. 

Plant-based ingredients

This has been our mission since the beginning: to create products that are as natural as possible, and we have succeeded! Our productsfeature the highest average of natural ingredients, above 99%! Quite a record!

At Planthia, the quality of our products is the priority: this is why we dedicate most of our time hand-picking natural ingredients. We want to take care of your body in a transparent way, therefore, you will always find clear information about the ingredients and their effect, both on our website and in all our products. Always! 

Cruelty Free

Our philosophy is completely against animal cruelty. We think that it is a totally unnecessary and cruel process, this is why we will never use ingredients tested on them, nor will we sell our product on markets that require testing on animals. Never! 

Toxic Free

Nowadays around 12,000 ingredients are used in cosmetics, many of them contain toxic chemicals, which not only harm our skin, but also the environment and animals. Our efforts have been focused on analyzing and selecting only safe ingredients to take care of your body in the healthiest way possible and by creating the best toxic free cosmetics.


At Planthia, we seek consistency in everything we do. We are against all kinds of animal abuse, they are our companions and for many of us they are part of our families. Our philosophy applies to all areas of daily life, for this reason both Planthia and its products are and always will be vegan.


The quality of our products is one of our priorities. We care about the best quality, origin and benefits of the ingredients we use.

By basing our formulations on natural ingredients and not using chemicals, our products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. In addition, our ingredients are dermatologically tested so that their use does not cause allergies or irritations. You will be able to notice the effectiveness of our ingredients from the very first applications. Your body will thank you!


Products that are good for you, for the environment, for animals and for your well-being. We have dedicated many efforts so that our fragrances, 100% natural, make you feel good, relaxed and naturally pampered.



We would not be consistent if our values were not reflected in our company. For this reason, we stand by the following principles: 


We do not accept, encourage or support any type of discrimination in our company and in the companies we collaborate with. We say a clear NO to all discrimination:

  • Racial
  • Gender
  • Ethnic
  • Religious
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ideological
  • Economical
  • Social
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Disease
  • Physical appearance 


Our co-workers benefit from a number of incentives when they act in the interest of the community at Planthia we encourage this type of activities and reward the hours and/or days dedicated to these activities with hours and / or days off (for example, if a colleague decides to donate blood and/or plasma, they will rewarded with a day off).


We promote respect among co-workers, collaborators, suppliers and clients.


Since we took our very first steps, we believe that it is important to collaborate with companies that have a positive impact on our society whatever that may be. Planthia strive to support companies, whether private or public, that have a social mission, that fight for the environment, help eradicate suffering and animal abuse, and stand by the most disadvantaged groups.