Solar radiation is of vital importance for our development and well-being, since, as is well known, it is involved in the synthesis of vitamin D, which allows the absorption of calcium by our body and prevents rickets and osteoporosis. In addition, exposure to solar radiation gives us a feeling of health and well-being, and has a stimulating effect on our brain, favoring the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. It is also known to act positively on skin conditions such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. 

Despite the benefits of solar radiation, due to our lifestyle and the increase in our life time, it is increasingly common for excessive sun exposure to occur that leads to premature aging of the skin and the development of certain diseases such as skin cancer. For this reason, it is important that you take certain precautions when exposing your body to the sun, so that you can benefit from the positive rays of the sun without harming the health of your skin.

Here are some of the most important steps you can take:

Apply sunscreen half an hour before sun exposure, it is important to do it on dry skin and in sufficient quantity. It is advisable to use broad spectrum creams, which are capable of absorbing both UVB and UVA radiation, and reduce the time of exposure to the sun, whenever possible. Another aspect to take into account is to use a higher degree protection in scars and protect sensitive areas such as the lips, using specific protectors such as lip balm.

Avoid the sun exposure in the hours of greatest intensity. The greatest solar radiation is produced from 12 to 16 hours, so whenever possible we should avoid exposing ourselves to the sun at this time of the day.

Sun exposure can also be reduced wearing clothing that protects us from the sun. It is advisable to wear wide-brimmed hats that shade around the face, neck and ears, wear sunglasses that filter UV rays to protect the eyes and the skin around them.

Use quality cosmetic products with natural oils and extracts that help to restore the balance of the skin and contain active antioxidant principles such as coenzyme Q10 or vitamin E, to help prevent premature aging of the skin. Above all, it is important that after sun exposure you nourish and hydrate your skin with moisturizing creams or body oils.

Go to the dermatologist If you notice any irregularities in the skin, so you can prevent the development of any dermatological disease before it is too late.

Avoid the artificial sun and solariumSince the UV radiation emitted by UVA lamps causes burns and premature aging and increases the risk of developing skin cancer. For this reason, you should avoid the use of solar cabins except in cases of medical prescription, since there are diseases such as psoriasis where UV radiation is beneficial.

Take one diet rich in natural antioxidants, with vegetables, fruits and seeds, which have in their composition natural antioxidants, such as polyphenols, or vitamins C and E, which help our body to fight oxidizing agents, avoiding oxidative stress and premature aging of the skin due to to sun exposure.

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